Service Special Offers

Service Special Offers

Pot Hole Service

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[[Limited Time Offer!]]

Pot Hole Service

$[[[199]]].95 for car

$[[[219]]].95 for truck

Pot Hole Service includes 4 wheel tire rotation, 4 wheel balance, and 4 wheel precision alignment as well as a wheel integrity inspection.

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Offer is valid until September 30


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Toyota Battery Service

Comprehensive Battery / Charging and Starter System Analysis

[[[Prevent being stuck with a weak or dead battery this fall, be prepared.]]]

This is very important for vehicles with starting batteries of 3 years or older, which may have been damaged by a low state of charge due to limited travel during the recent pandemic.

[[[Price: [[[$[[[39]]].95]]] ]]]

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Offer is valid from October 1–30

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[[ [[Toyota Peace Arch]] ]]
Winter Tire Offers

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Toyota Winter Tire

Mount and Balance

Drive with confidence this winter, and don’t get stuck in the snow.

Starting from

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Toyota Tire Storage

Summer Tire Storage

Don’t leave your tires out in the cold. Keep your summer tires warm this winter in our tire hotel.


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Club OpenRoad

Save up to 15%

[[[Save on your service with Club OpenRoad Points redemption]]]

  • A minimum service repair order of $150 is required
  • Club OpenRoad points may be redeemed up to 15% of your service repair order to a maximum of $500
  • Continue to earn 15% of your paid service bills in loyalty points

Save Up To 15% On Service

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Detailing Menu

[[[We offer three levels of professional detailing services designed specifically for your Toyota. Trust our detailing specialists to help protect your investment.]]]

a person wiping a car’s exterior


Passenger Cars: [[$]]135

Trucks/Vans/SUVs: [[$]]171

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The DELUXE Package Includes:

  • Complete meticulous hand washing and drying of vehicle exterior
  • Detailed interior cleaning: vacuuming seats, carpets and floor mats; cleaning of glass and instrument panel
  • Deodorizing of passenger compartment
  • Detailed interior and exterior inspection report
floor mat


Passenger Cars: [[$]]306

Trucks/Vans/SUVs: [[$]]351

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The PREMIUM Package Includes All DELUXE Items Plus:

  • Power washing of wheels, inner fender and undercarriage
  • Vacuuming of trunk
  • Shampooing of floor mats and spot shampooing of stains
  • Paint restoration process to help restore factory paint finish lustre (Includes machine polishing and Toyota paint finish sealant)
  • Treatment of interior and exterior rubber and vinyl trim
  • Lubrication of locks and hinges
a person cleaning an engine cover


Passenger Cars: [[$]]432

Trucks/Vans/SUVs: [[$]]468

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The ULTIMATE Package Includes All PREMIUM Items Plus:

  • Shampooing and degreasing of engine compartment and lower body
  • Two-step paint restoration process to help eliminate minor paint imperfections and to help restore factory paint finish lustre (Includes environmental residue removal)
  • Complete interior shampooing of fabric seats, carpet floor mats and door panels
  • Application of fabric protectant or leather conditioner on interior fabric or leather surfaces

À la Carte Service

Undercarriage Power Wash $70

Engine Shampoo $75

Exterior Shampoo $130

Shampoo Carpet Mats $35

Fabric Protectant Application $70

Leather Conditioner Application $90

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