Toyota Safety Sense: Pre-Collision System

Save 10% on Insurance in BC with Toyota's Pre-Collision System

Buying a new Toyota pays.
Save 10% on insurance in BC.

Vehicles equipped with factory-installed autonomous emergency breaking (AEB) are eligible for a 10% insurance discount* in BC.

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Pre-Collision System

The AEB, also known as the Pre-Collision System (PCS) in Toyota models, is equipped in most Toyota vehicles. It is through this feature that your vehicle can anticipate collisions and reduce the severity of damage.

How this works in the case of an incoming front-end collision is that your vehicle’s breaks will automatically engage without any need for action on the driver’s side.

See if your vehicle qualifies for a 10% insurance discount below.


Eligible Vehicles

Eligible Vehicles


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*The discount only applies to the 3rd party liability coverages (the basic $200,000 as well as increased optional limits). Discount not applicable to collision coverage. ICBC will not automatically apply this discount. It is up to the customer at the time of sale to purchase the discount, or it can be applied moving forward on a policy in person with an insurance agent.