Cleaning & Detailing Services

Cleaning & Detailing Services

Toyota Touch cleaning and detailing services will enhance your vehicles appearance inside and out, as well as protect it from harsh environmental conditions. We offer three levels of professional detailing services designed specifically for your Toyota. Trust our detailing specialists to help protect your investment.

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Enjoy that new car feeling all over again.

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Service Details


Car $135 Truck $171
  • Complete meticulous hand washing and drying of the vehicle exterior including door and trunk openings.
  • Detailed interior cleaning which includes vacuuming of seats, carpets and floor mats, plus cleaning of glass and instrument panel.
  • Deoderizing of the passenger compartment.
  • Detailed inspection report of vehicle interior and exterior.


Car $306 Truck $351
  • Includes all DELUXE items PLUS:
  • Power wash of wheels, inner fender and under carriage.
  • Vaccuuming of trunks.
  • Shampooing of floor mats, and spot shampooing of stains (subject to inspection)
  • Two-step paint restoration process to eliminate minor paint imperfections and restore factory paint finish lustre. Includes machine polishing and Toyota paint finish sealant.
  • Treatment of interior/exterior rubber and vinyl trim.
  • Lubricate locks and hinges.


Car $432 Truck $468
  • Includes all PREMIUM items PLUS:
  • Engine compartment and lower body shampoo and degreasing.
  • Three-step paint restoration process to eliminate minor paint imperfections and restore factory paint finish lustre. Includes environmental residue removal.
  • Complete interior shampoo of fabric seats, carpets, mats, door panels.
  • Application of fabric protectant on passenger compartment fabrics.

Toyota Touch

Value Add On Services

  • Custom Polishing as needed
    $80.00 per hour
  • Pet Hair Removal as needed
    $80.00 per hour
  • Tar and Over-spray Removal as needed
    $80.00 per hour
  • Bird Droppings and Tree Sap Removal as needed
  • Odor Removal (Ozonator Treatment)  
  • Headliner Cleaning as needed
  • Floor Mat Shampoo  
  • Interior Shampoo  
  • Engine Shampoo  
  • Scratch removal as needed
    $80.00 per hour
  • Dent repair  
    $120.00 per panel
  • Hub Cap Replacement  
    $55.00 most covers
  • Paint repair as needed
    $565.00 bumper
  • Headlight Restoration  
    $35.00 per lens
  • Express Wax  
  • Wheel Cleaning  
  • Diamond Kote Inspection Wash annual inspection
    FREE Not Applicable on Nano Products
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